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Todd Peters Electric

We offer trusty electrical panel upgrade services

We are Todd Peters Electric and we provide electrical services that have an important role in your daily life. Our company is based in Redlands CA. We excel in providing electrical panel upgrade to our clients in the town. With our electrical panel service, you can prevent any electrical disruptions that can lead to damage. Also, that can prevent any type of hazards in your home. A sharp odor from the panel of your electrical system can point to the overheating of your home’s electrical infrastructure. To avoid that, you will require the services of our technicians. They are trained in upgrading your electrical panel making it hundred percent safe. Call us now.

Electrical wiring service you can count on

With our electrical wiring service, we make sure your home’s electrical wiring system is working perfectly. Making sure that your home’s electrical infrastructure is highly maintained is important for safety reasons. That’s because it makes all the residents of the home safe. We take great pride in giving excellent electrical wiring solutions. That provides your home with effective, dependable, and secure electrical components. We have plenty of experience in the industry. Our technologically well-trained technicians are experts in doing any type of wiring project for your property. With our company as your reliable partner, you can entrust us with your electrical wiring project. Hire us, from Redlands, CA.

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Professional Electric Services

We fix things around your house so you don’t have to.

You can get remarkable lighting installation services from us

Our company provides excellent quality lighting installation services to our clients. You can add plenty of light to your homes with elegance with our services. We give a wide variety of top-quality lighting facilities. Our highly professional team has plenty of experience and skill when it comes to your lighting projects. We can make any residential or commercial property shine with our cutting-edge lighting systems. We provide lighting solutions for different types of scenarios. For example, we can add soothing lights to your home. Or we can install high-intensity lights in shopping malls to focus on the products. Call us, in our Redlands, CA office for the best services.

Get top solutions with our high-tech electrical troubleshooting service

You can rely on our electrical troubleshooting to avoid fluctuating lights, flawed power sockets, or unknown electrical malfunctions. That can create a breakdown in your everyday activities. We can help you out with our services. Our highly trained team has the expertise to offer incredible electric troubleshooting services. That can quickly find out and fix electrical setbacks. That makes sure your home and office stay in secure and operational shape. We specialize in all-electric troubleshooting projects. When we work for you we make sure that we do work with best industrial practices. Contact us now to get our services today.

Stay calm and comfortable in any weather with our ceiling fan installation

We can improve the comfort and appeal of your living space with our remarkable ceiling fan installation service. Our highly focused team of technicians can assist you in offering you with best installation services. That can integrate aspects like effectiveness, security, and style. When we install ceiling fans in our home, there will be a comfortable temperature in your rooms. We make sure all the ceiling fans work quietly. Also, we will do a perfect installation of your fans that will reduce energy costs. When you get our services we will take every step to make sure the ceiling fans work at their best. Hire us, from Redlands CA.

Appliances work at their best with our electric circuit installation

Do you require the services of a specialist for electric circuit installation? You are in the right place. We are your first-stop service center when it comes to guaranteeing, the safety, effectiveness, and top performance of your electrical system. We have a tremendous emphasis on providing extraordinary services by our technicians. We offer great brilliance in all projects. We are popular for fixing your electric circuit in a way that it works perfectly. Our team knows their work from the inside out. That’s why we offer top-notch services to our clients in Redlands, CA. You can contact us to get our services.

Get our top-notch home safety inspection services for safer living

You can get the best home safety inspection services from the team of our experts. When you hire our team we make sure that we analyze your home perfectly. We can find out any flaws in your home’s electrical wiring system. It will save you plenty of money. That’s because if you fix a defect on time, it won’t lead to any additional costly repairs later on. We can find out any faulty wires, broken down outlets, other structural shortcomings, or fire safety concerns before they become substantial issues. Or lead to expensive defects in your home. You can hire our team for our services in Redlands, CA.

Why Choose Us

Complete Electric repairs Service

At our prestigious company, we know the significance of the electrical system in the daily activities of individuals. Our team of well-trained and qualified electricians is focused on providing secure, reliable, and high-performance solutions. We can help you with installation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrade jobs. Our team is dedicated to offering accurate and safe solutions. Our client-centric methodology indicates we fulfill your requirements and provide services that meet your expectations. Our electricians work according to the best industrial standards and codes. They know how to make sure that their services comply with the electrical industry’s rules and regulations. Hire us, to get our services in the Redlands, CA.